Our Objectives:

  • Vigilantly monitor all activities by the new administration and make it crystal clear we are watching 24/7.
  • Inform, educate and dimensionalize the implications of policy decisions by the new administration.
  • Apply our collective talents and energy to heighten the level of public understanding of administration policy decisions that are detrimental to the self interest of the general population
  •  Create impactful protests/events that drive home the impact of policy decisions detrimental to the general population (i.e. the 99%)
  • Call out and expose key administration officials and members of congress who are “owned” by corporate or special interests and/or advocate policies that are deemed detrimental to the welfare of the general population.
  • Educate our own members to become strong grass roots advocates of our cause.
  • Implement fundraising activities/events to underwrite communications programs, protests/events and other group activities.