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Perhaps even more frightening than the presidency of Trump, itself, is the gang of cabinet members he has chosen. Almost to a person, his cabinet members are opposed to the very departments they are supposed to be leading. We have a Secretary of Health and Human Services who has tried several times to repeal ObamaCare (without an adequate replacement, mind you), an EPA Secretary who doesn't believe in global warming, an Attorney General who has a dubious record on equal rights, an Education Secretary with no real educational experience who wants to privatize public schools, a Secretary of State with potentially nefarious ties to Russia and the list goes on. Sometimes it gets so depressing, you've just got to take a step back and laugh.

Michael Flynn

Well, this guy has more entanglements than 13 spiders on steroids sharing the same nest....

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Sean Spicer

In some ways we feel really sorry for this guy. What can you possibly do as the press secretary...

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Steve Bannon

It’s bad enough that our President is out of touch. It’s even worse that he’s...

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Steve Mnuchin

Wow! Talk about the fox watching the hen house. Steve Mnuchin personifies the ills of Wall Street...

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