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My Progressive Principles

(NOTE: This piece was originally posted to my blog page on Oct. 30, 2010) As we near the election — although those of us with progressive leanings may lose — I thought I would document the political principles I believe in. What the heck? – The welfare of the human race and real people can never be measured in dollars and cents. The welfare of one human life is worth more than billions and billions of dollars. – Money is “distributed” by a marketplace that is far from perfect and rewards disproportionately to people’s contributions — sometimes exponentially. –...

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Steve Bannon

It’s bad enough that our President is out of touch. It’s even worse that he’s not even the one pulling the strings – literally! Steve Bannon has an infamous past as being in favor of most things that we are not. For some odd reason, a man with his nefarious past went from Breitbart straight to the White House....

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9/11: A Personal Reflection

(NOTE: This was originally posted to my blog page on Sept. 8, 2011) I remember the day vividly. As I walked up the staircase from the Astor Place subway station and looked down Cooper Square, I saw a black cloud of smoke blowing from the west. One of those giant oil tanks in Jersey, I surmised; not unusual that one would have a problem now and then. When I made it to our office at 20 Cooper Square, the doorman told me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Immediately I asked if it was a...

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Steve Mnuchin

Wow! Talk about the fox watching the hen house. Steve Mnuchin personifies the ills of Wall Street over the last two decades. He made millions by foreclosing on houses. And now we’re supposed to trust him with our money?...

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Scott Pruitt

An EPA Secretary who doesn’t believe in climate change. Say it again: slowly, clearly, distinctively. AN EPA SECRETARY WHO DOESN’T BELIEVE IN CLIMATE CHANGE! What’s going on here? Does he believe in Gravity? Thermodynamics? Electricity? Geez. The arrogance of...

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American Luminaries Weigh In