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Sean Spicer

In some ways we feel really sorry for this guy. What can you possibly do as the press secretary for an inveterate liar? It’s an impossible task. On the other hand, Sean Spicer does it with such bombasity and flair, that our sorrow for the position he’s in gets tested with each new word that slithers out of his...

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In Defense of ObamaCare.

(NOTE: This was originally posted to my blog on November 15, 2013) Yes, the populace and politicos – especially those in the Red states – are in a frenzy over ObamaCare yet again. The progressive black guy in the White House has stubbed his toe, just what they’ve been waiting for. To me, while there is some culpability on the part of the White House, most of the frenzy is pure BS. First of all, let’s get the culpability out of the way. Yes, the authorities never should have picked that firm in Canada to build the website. They...

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Are the US Tax Rates Too High?

(NOTE: This was originally posted to my blog on Oct. 10, 2010) I was recently asked whether I thought the top US income rates are too high. Here is my answer: First of all, my issue is more with wealth accumulation than income. However, the two are pretty closely linked. Nonetheless, I will address the issue from more of a wealth perspective than an income one. In order to address the issue, there are several basic questions to ponder, among others: 1. Is our society inherently fair? Do virtually all Americans have access to the services that will “level...

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American Luminaries Weigh In